Double Glass

The double glass is also named insulated. Actually, it is a system of double glazing with the benefit of the internal layer of dehydrated air.
The double glazing system allows the combination of identical glasses or glasses with different features, taking advantage from each one’s properties such us, for example, the tempered glasses resistance with the thermal and acoustic protection and safety of the laminated of solar control. This can be used in different applications, such us: building, coverage, recording studio, façade, hospitals, doors, windows and cooling systems.

The insulated glass is the best when aiming to take advantage from the sun light while blocking the heat from the solar radiation. It also provides great acoustic comfort, blocking the sound.

The set is granted by the double sealing: the first one so as not to have gaseous exchange; the second, to assure the stability of the set.
Within the aluminium profile there is a drying substance that assures the complete absence of water vapour, avoiding its blurring. This system makes the glass a great thermal and acoustic insulator.